Garchomp  sprite from Black & WhiteGarchomp Shiny sprite from Black & WhiteGarchomp  sprite from Black & White

One of these is not like the other

One of these just doesn’t belong

445: Shiny Garchomp, but which one?

  1. bubblymaika answered: middle. Shiny garchomp is more desaturated
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  4. kayxclankforever answered: the middle one.
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  8. blumpkinbread answered: The one in the middle.
  9. polydipsiac answered: Why is this considered shiny.
  10. yourlocalpsychopath answered: Middle doesn’t belong :D
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  12. fruitpockets answered: Keep the top one!
  13. tdogrulz99 answered: middle
  14. reuniclusjelly answered: They better not pull this shit in gen VI
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